My Column!

I'm thrilled that I am now a monthly columnist for PQ Monthly!

My column is Finding Leo, and I write about my life as a trans man, and a person of faith.

You can find my articles here with the most recent listed first:

Finding Leo: Of Love and Pride (June/July 2016)

Finding Leo: The Holes in My Heart (May/June 2016)

Finding Leo: The Binder Adventure (April/May 2016)

Finding Leo: One Chest Hair is Enough (March/April 2016)

Finding Leo: My Best Valentine  (February/March 2016)

Finding Leo: Back to the Beginning (January/February 2016)

Protest and Renewal: Working for Welcome (January 22, 2016)

Finding Leo: Light A Candle (December/January 2015/16)

Finding Leo: A Place at the Table (November/December 2015)

Finding Leo: My Crotch and My Faith  (October/November 2015)

Finding Leo: Transitioning in Church, A Spiritual Perspective (January/February 2015)

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